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At Exum Fence Company, we pride ourselves on providing top of the line fencing solutions tailored to the unique needs of farmers and property owners. With over 10 years of experience and expertise, we offer a wide-range of products and services to meet your fencing needs. 

What we offer

Four Rail
Board Fence

A classic and durable fencing solution that combines wooden post and horizontal rails, providing both aesthetics and security for your property.

Pipe Posts with Woven Wire

A strong and versatile fencing option that merges steel pipe posts with woven wire mesh, offering durability and adaptability for various agricultural needs.


An effective and safe choice that uses mild electric shocks to deter animals from crossing boundaries, making it ideal for livestock management and temporary fencing.

Working Pens/ Corrals

Customized structures designed to optimize livestock handling, sorting, and processing on your farm, reducing stress on animals and improving overall productivity.

Design & Build Your Fence

Our team doesn’t just install fencing; we bring your vision to life. Our dedicated team serves as both the planners and installers of your fencing desires and needs. Whether you’re looking for classic charm, durability, efficiency, effective livestock management, or all of the above, our expert craftsmanship ensures your needs are met. Explore our services and let us design and install the perfect fence perimeter for you and your property.

We Provide you the Highest Quality Work that surpasses your Expectation

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